Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sam and Max Time

My uncle didn't think that I was playing enough video games. So He bought me this new Sam and Max game.

I played Sam and Max hit the road in 1993, which was good times. Also another great game from around the same time period Day of the Tentacle. The sequel to Maniac mansion. Best game ever!

Floor Time

We did it. We got wood floors. Yay! We ended up getting the eco friendly bamboo. looks much better than before. Its hard to tell from the pictures, because this is from the first year we lived in the house but the carpet needed to go. 3 dogs and white carpet is not a good idea. Plus it had a really ugly pattern, that gave it an 80's look.
This is Day 2
Here is the After

I would like to thank my Friend Rich who recently moved to NC. He came down to install the floors. Now he is thinking looking for a job in GA to move here. Yay!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Closing time

This year I invested in a pool cover since it took me most of this summer to make our pool sparkle. It was so full of leaves it was clogging the vacuum and filter. So $200.00 later I got the pool covered and closed. looks good so far. Hopefully when spring comes around all I have to do is uncover it and shock it. Then its pool party time!

Sorry Lobster Hat! Time to go away for the winter.