Thursday, August 23, 2007


So, I went on a trip to NYC this past weekend, with the Misses. We had a good time running around the city in a New York minute (What ever that means) We went to the Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan where a lot of revolutionary history took place. A very cool area with a lot of history.
We also go to catch up with our families for good times. we up with Melissa's cousins family and
we all went and had a psychedelic time at the Whitney museum for the Summer of love Psychedelic art. Trippy man. No drugs needed, my brain was fried after that. There was this room that you go into that was pitch black and you have to take your shoes off, the carpet is kind of fuzzy(I don't know I had socks on) But there was this glowing box with neon lights going around the edge and a square shape in the middle sitting in the middle of the room. Then there was high pitch sounds playing. Its really hard to explain but it was interesting.
Well thats about it. For some reason I didnt take alot of pictures on this trip... Bad me.

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Kim said...

That's a creepy looking room.