Monday, September 24, 2007

Vegas Time

I went to Vegas this past weekend for work.
We all worked very hard and had good times.
I got to gamble a little and was only down $40 by the end of the trip.
Not too bad considering I brought $200 to gamble with. I played the Money Mad Martians. They were being good to me, on one spin I got a bonus that paid 80.00. yeah too bad I lost some on Wheel of Misfortune . Any way the line at the airport was insane. It was 7 am Sunday morning. You would think people would have been too hung over to go home. I didn't miss my flight but it was close, I grabbed some breakfast and hurried down to the gate, but I went the wrong way. So I turned and headed back and found my correct gate. Of course my plane was all the way at the end of the gate. They made the announcement "last call flight 775 Las Vegas to Atlanta" RUN!!!!!!!! Drink and egg sandwich in hand, back pack on and laptop case falling off my shoulder. I barely made it.

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