Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Polar bear time

Over the weekend the lobby got painted. The colors of reminds me of the Arctic. I was thinking about that arctic ride at Sea World. Someone turned the air down to -10. I think there was a polar bear wondering around

Sunday Time

I really think that turtle sundays are my favorite sunday. Something about the combinations of ice cream, caramel and sweetened pecans is so good.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mystery cake time

Someone left some kind of cake on my mouse pad......Ummm thanks I think

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Truck Time and Transmission

I got a new truck, Chevy Avalanche!!. Its very nice and just like I thought, you can get a deal if you are going to get a gas guzzler.I was going to see about trading my Blazer in but it has a "service engine soon" light on and I didn't want them to knock money off the Blazers value. I took it to Advanced Auto Parts and for free they will check your cars computer. Most car places charge you $70-$90 to do this. So with 1 month left 2200 miles left it needs a new transmission because the parts to repair it cost just as much as a new one. There is a lesson somewhere in all this.

1.The Blazer drives fine and you would never be able to tell that there is anything wrong with it. 2. If your "service engine soon" light is on, it really can be something serious.
3. Don't procrastinate if you have an extended warranty.

So right now my truck is at the Chevy dealer and the warranty people are sending a claims adjuster to look at it. I guess to see if they are really going to cover it. I had never purchased an extended warranty in the past because in FL I has some good connections to get things fixed,but here, not so much. Needless to say I bought an extended warranty on my new truck and still spent less than I had planned. Oh yeah, April and Kim I will make sure and drive my big car on days that we work out.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Gas Guzzler Time

I had a thought last week. I used to have a truck when I first moved up to GA. It always seemed to come in handy, but I owed too much on it and just wanted to get out of it. So I sold it and bought a blazer for cash. No car payments for 2 years that was nice. But I am getting to the point were I feel a truck would come in handy. I do know people that have trucks, but I am not a person that is going to call them up all the time and ask if they can help me.Asking someone if you can use their truck also says, "hey I got this heavy thing and I want YOU to come help me lift it." Plus you have to do it on their schedule.
I can think of 5 projects that I need to do that will require a truck.
1. remove swing set from townhouse
2. bring in some fill dirt to the house
3. haul off some yard clean up town house and our house
4. bring home wood for deck/remove old decking
5. Remove unwanted stuff from the house.

I was thinking about getting a trailer, but then thats just something else I need to store at the house and there is a tree in the way for easily getting things in and out of the yard.

So... Grant, I am going to go and look at some trucks this week. I am going to take advantage of the fact the gas is very expensive and No one wants a gas guzzler. Trucks have dropped in price and I feel I can get a good deal. I dont have to drive it everyday since I have a car that gets pretty good gas mileage.

24 hours of Florida

I am living the rock star life. This weekend we went to Fl for 24 hours. We left saturday at 1 and came back sunday at 2. It was a good time. We got to visit with my family and see some friends> I got to go to my local hang out. http://www.independentbar.net/ People said thats crazy going there for such a short time..... is it really? The tickets were cheap, the rental car was cheap. Normally we drive 7hours there for such a short amount of time and we are very tired when we get home but this was nice getting home and not being totally exhausted from a 7 hour drive home.
I did wish that we had a bit more time so that I could have seen everyone, maybe next time. Hey If I didnt get to see you maybe you should come to GA.