Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When the trash can is just too far.

I know my blog has become some place where I complain about food that is 1/4 eaten or man handled bagels. I am trying to get away from this. There have been at least 5 other incidents with trash left on the counter, open coffee creamers and no paper towels. But I have not posted anything about them. I think I am just going to get back into posting the those interesting and not so interesting moments in my life shifting from one to another. But this time its all about the trash can.....I really don't get it, is it too hard to just throw something away? Who does this?


Kim said...

This wasn't me, but I will say, I'd had a jar of old nasty 2007 peanut butter right next to my trash can for months. Only because I mised the can on my first attempt to throw it away. But finally I broke down and did what I should have done the first time.

Adam said...

Post more!!!!