Tuesday, January 19, 2010

India Monday and Tuesday

Monday and Tuesday

Getting ready for work, You have to make a conscious decision not to use the water from your tap. So for brushing your teeth you need to use bottled water. You also have to make sure you do not open your mouth in the shower. Otherwise you could end up with some bad diarrhea, and nobody wants that.
So far both days we had a good breakfast. They make fine omelets here and they even have bacon. They have not yet mastered “crisp bacon”. Though Tuesday was much more crisper than Monday. They also gave us some puff pastry things filled with vegetables. They were pretty good. I don’t think you get enough to drink, the glasses are small so you have to ask for refills a million times. Its ok because the servers seem to be plentiful and pop up everywhere. It seems like they are always grabbing and touching something at our table.

Driving on the roads here is very different. I think the best way I can describe it is organized chaos. Cars, small trucks, auto-rickshaws, motorcycles. bikes, people, everywhere. I still haven’t figured out why the bother painting lines to make lanes on the road, no body stays in any kind of lane. You MUST honk at all times. It’s the way you announce your presence. We saw a family of four on a motorcycle. The women sometimes ride side saddle on the back of motorcycles and they have even modified the foot pegs so that you can do this. Plus there is nice handle on the back for holding on. You will also see stray Cows, Goats, dogs horses walking down the street in the city. There is a lot of trash everywhere and I am getting better figuring out the poorer areas. You will see camps set up on along the sidewalk and people washing clothes on the side of the road.

On Monday for lunch we had little individual 5-6” pizzas from Pizza Hut. They come with packets of “Italian Seasoning” and a packet of ketchup. Pepsi and Diet Coke too. We had it out lunch in the cafeteria which is a somewhat open-air place on the roof of our 8 story office building. You can get out and get a good look at all the area around the building. Most of it is flooded. I saw a few animals wondering around.

Tuesday we went to an Indian restaurant. When you walk into a restaurant you get overwhelmed with the smell of spices. It’s a bit much at times. We had the kebob platter and the food was good. After work I came back to my hotel room and had a granola bar for dinner.
That’s all for now.

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Stephen said...

Enjoying your narration, Rich. As for the water situation, I came to the conclusion that Montezuma's Revenge is unavoidable. You are going to get it, no matter what. Most everything you eat was cooked in that water, and it wasn't boiled either. The good news is once you get it, you are way less likely to get it again. The Indians call it "jelly belly".
The traffic you describe is the same over most all of Asia. Are you in the SBTDATS office? If so, say hello to Denzil for me. I have seen lots of pictures of that rooftop, and wondered what it was like. Best wishes, Stephen Diggs