Tuesday, January 19, 2010

India Trip sunday 1-17-2010

Sunday 1-17-2010, still sat 1-16-2010 back home
Sunday was very uneventful. We had arrived at 4:30 am at the hotel. By the time I got to my room I just wanted to sleep even though it was 6pm back home. So I took at “nap” for a few hours thinking I would wake up at 8:30 to go have the free buffet. I over slept some and we ended up going to this really elaborate Sunday buffet that the hotel does every week.
I am not sure how the tipping thing works here. I have no cash on me except 2 American dollars. I am hoping not to need cash since I don’t want to have to come home with extra cash I don’t need and its not worth it to exchange because exchanging it will cost as much as I have or something like that. Chennai is not a place where you can just walk out of your hotel and walk around. You could, I just don’t think I would do it unless there was someone that knew where to go. I guess its like any city. So we pretty much stayed in relaxing and trying to adjust to the new time change…
A few things I noticed after watching tv. They have a lot of shows that remind me of what you would see on the Spanish channel except instead of all the crying there is singing and dancing. Goofy characters, slide whistle sound effects, bad green screen location effects. They have HBO here which is nice. But they are behind on movies that are coming out, for instance Dark Knight is coming out next month on HBO. Another thing on HBO is the commercials. So you will be watching a movie and then Bam! Commercial that seems like its one of those Kay Jeweler type commercials all mushy and sweet except this one is about an arranged marriage where 1 year and 2 months later they realize they are in love.
I am really into the commercials here too. Some seem to run long and they are almost mini infomercials. Like this is this one that is about an inflatable couch. Its this big black designer couch that turns into a bed. In the commercial they demonstrate that you can run it over with a truck and then drag it behind through the desert. They also demonstrate how it is more comfortable than a cushion couch and even better than a mattress bed. No house is complete without it.

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